Restorative Dentistry

We provide many paths to restoring your dental health and look forward to working together to create a plan for your personal needs. If you are a new patient and you are experiencing a dental emergency, you may contact our office at 828-456-3911 and we will do our very best to work you in.

Restorative Care Includes

    Fillings are placed to repair decayed or structurally damaged teeth. We use a strong, beautiful, tooth shaded composite resin material for our fillings.
    Crowns are sometimes necessary when teeth are structurally compromised beyond what a filling can repair and are used to protect the tooth from further damage. They can be made out of porcelain, zirconia, or gold.
    Implant crowns are a restoration solution to replace missing teeth. We make the crowns that are placed on implants placed by one of our trusted oral surgeons. The surgeons we refer to will perform a detailed assessment in order to ensure our patients are good candidates for implant surgery.
    A bridge is a type of crown restoration utilized to replace missing teeth and is permanently cemented onto the teeth. They are a natural and beautiful option to restore a balanced bite and chewing abilities after losing teeth. It is required to have anchor teeth on either side of the missing spaces in order to have a bridge.
    Dentures are a removable option to replace missing teeth. A partial denture is appropriate when there are enough natural teeth to support the device, otherwise a full denture is recommended. Since dentures are removable you will take them out at night when you sleep and remove them to clean after meals.
    Tooth removal is always avoided if possible but sometimes necessary. We perform most extractions at our practice, including wisdom teeth. Complex extractions may require a referral to one of our excellent oral surgeons.
    Roots canals are appropriate for saving a tooth that has an infection in the nerve but is still structurally strong enough to be restored. We perform root canals on front teeth and refer to our root canal specialists for the molars and more complex root systems.